Yellowstone Containment

Yellowstone Containment


In the Yellowstone area, water is heated by a massive volcano (super-volcano) under the ground. When water boils, it pushes the air (and consequently the land) up, creating a relief.

As part of our mission to make a more efficient use of our resources, RFC will be conducting a feasibility study on the creation of a large geothermal plant, that will use the heat of the volcanic activity. Yellowstone and its surroundings are a significant geothermal resource, the national park itself could power the entire continental U.S. with clean energy.

This will provide additional benefits to the containment of a potential eruption and the spread of a mixture of ashes and gases as a result of it.


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Nature is an untapped solution.

Tropical forests are incredibly effective at storing carbon — providing at least 30% of action needed to prevent the worst climate change scenarios. Yet nature-based solutions only receive only 2% of all climate funding.





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