We specialise in regenerative investment programmes,​ delivering significant low-carbon developments which deliver multi-dimensional financial return to investors. Our investment model leverages strong eco-systems to support and restore the broken parts of weaker eco-systems, returning balance and value to the world’s natural capital.

Regeneration Investment

Our Programmes

ReGen Future Capital (RFC) represents the global development of highly investable climate change solutions. We have an innovative investment model that uses the profitability of renewable energy assets and clean-fuel to support financial initiatives focused on the regeneration of natural ecosystems (soils, forests and oceans). Our objective is to maximize their multidimensional return (environment, social and financial) for the benefit of all.

The emphasis is placed on one main theme: carbon sequestration. With greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere being a primary cause of climate change, this is the first factor that we need to fight with high impact solutions.

   Regenerative programmes include:

   1. Soil Regeneration
   2. Forestation
   3. Clean-fuel developed from plastic
   4. Ocean Ecosystem Restoration

All these initiatives are starting in areas where the level of ecosystem degradation has reached its highest; where the action needed is most urgent. From here, Regen Future Capital aims to expand worldwide with extremely scalable and versatile environmental projects.

We believe that humanity needs to reconnect with the planet and take action to preserve our natural resources (soil, forest and water), which we view as capital of the greatest value. By rethinking the whole financial ecosystem, RFC aims to bring stability and profitability back to carbon sequestration initiatives, and, more broadly, to climate change solutions.

   1. Soil regeneration programme:

Emissions from the agricultural sector are estimated to be 15-20% of global greenhouse gas emissions and yet it has long been an unexplored field, especially considering its potential impact on climate change.

Through the use of pioneering agriculture and land management systems (cover crops, no tillage, managed grazing), RFC are launching a programme that will regenerate soil to improve its ability to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This will also improve soil health and increase agricultural productivity and combat desertification.

We have identified the US agricultural sector as a suitable starting point to launch the soil regeneration programme as this represents one of the most carbon-intensive farming industries globally. Through our partnership with Kiss the Ground, we will be training and funding American farmers to facilitate their transition from “conventional” intensive agriculture to regenerative agriculture. This will enable farmers to become more efficient and competitive via increasing their food’s quality and, consequently, impact humans’ health.

Other ecosystem benefits from regenerative agriculture are:

Increase of biodiversity
Water infiltration
Reduction of wind erosion

By investing in regenerative agriculture, both investors and local farmers will benefit from the results of these projects. ReGen Future Capital will be able to fund new environmental and social initiatives.

To set carbon sequestration targets RFC is using a COMET-Farm modelling tool; a farm and ranch carbon and ‘greenhouse gases’ accounting system (approved by the US Department of Agriculture).

2. Forestry Programme:

Forest conservation and reforestation projects are now the “uncontested leaders” in carbon reduction initiatives. Carbon emissions from forest degradation and deforestation represent 10-15% of worldwide emissions. Stopping these practices and restoring forests could offset up to one-third of global carbon emissions worldwide.

Regen Future Capital is integrating a variety of sustainable forestry management practices (Forest Conservation, Reforestation, Afforestation, Agroforestry) to progressively protect and restore a significant part of the Amazon and of the Atlantic Rainforest. This will have environmental and social benefits; it will improve forests’ health and the indigenous community’s welfare. Our forestry programme includes:

   Investment in already existing reforestation/afforestation projects

Building a land forest management business using innovative MRV (Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of GHG Emissions) practices to increase carbon capture rates.

Creating local cooperatives of farmers and involving conscious investors to cover costs (revenues split 50-50)

We are focusing on the eco-system balance; working with local partners and experts to develop projects respecting a forest’s natural ecosystem equilibrium. We are closely following the experience of indigenous tribes and communities to create a conscious and sustainable business model, which will be integrated within the local eco-system.

We strive to support the local population in developing private local businesses using agroforestry practices. By combining agriculture and plantations of indigenous trees in tailored configurations/schemes for each farm, local farmers are able to gain more independence, whilst also benefiting from this improved agribusiness model.

Fight climate change, naturally.

Natural climate solutions like ending deforestation and restoring degraded forests could, at the global level, create 80 million jobs, bring 1 billion people out of poverty and add US$ 2.3 trillion in productive growth.





Regeneration Projects

Soil Regeneration Funding Programme

Support farmers and ranchers in their transition to regenerative agriculture

Reforestation And Forest Conservation of Rainforests

Large scale forestry initiatives focused on native forests

Ocean Ecosystem Restoration

Clean and restore coastal and maritime ecosystems

Rethink, Reconnect, Restore.

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