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About Plastics

Our mission is to:

  • Remove legacy end of life plastic waste (EoLPW) in landfill, rivers, lakes and oceans globally 
  • To reform all non-recycled plastic worldwide


Rethinking the process

We are developing solutions to remove plastic waste from the environment via intuitive technology that, thanks to a circular economy approach and our self-funding regenerative loop model, will have a restorative impact on the environment.


Restoring natural capital 

There is no denying the detrimental impact of fossil fuel extraction, processing and single-use plastic disposal on the natural world, and the urgent action needed to address it. 

In response to this, we are actively developing technologies to transform plastic waste into a useful resource, without producing harmful by-products. We seek to undo environmental damage, restoring the balance to nature.


Plastic processing plants

We have scrutinised and stress-tested Pyrolysis and other technological processes for their viability and environmental benefits when reforming waste plastics into usable items and materials. The goal is to commission sufficient numbers of reprocessing plants to have a substantial impact on the United Kingdom’s plastic pollution problem. 

The End of Life Plastic Waste (EoLPW) processing plant is being designed to meet the current and projected plastic waste annual production needs. It is also being designed to accommodate landfill mining, and river and ocean plastic debris reforming.

The rollout plan is to start the “significant impact” program in the UK Following the operational commissioning of the first plant in 2020 (Investment £110m), a 5-year national plan, and subsequent international rollout program, are planned. The full UK implementation investment value is £2.1 billion.

Our plan at ReGen Future Capital (Plastics) LLP is to have a significant impact on the UK’s national plastic pollution problem and help contribute towards the zero carbon emissions commitments. 

800 million people.

Eleven percent of the world’s population is currently vulnerable to climate change impacts such as droughts, floods, heat waves, extreme weather events and sea-level rise.





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