With a proven track record in clean energy development, we are leveraging our expertise to create innovative regenerative cycles of investment and return for all our stakeholders.

Our commitment to renewable energy

We are developing a broad solution portfolio to address the climate crisis, and renewable energy plays an intrinsic part in our business model.


Amplio Energy 

ReGen Future Capital’s subsidiary Amplio Energy is an international company specialising in the management of large-scale renewable energy plants, with a focus on the solar sector. 

Amplio Energy is based in Bologna, Italy and was founded in 2009. Since then it has built and managed an institutional portfolio of photovoltaic plants. Amplio Energy currently has a development pipeline of 7.5 GW across South America, Europe and Asia.


Our global presence 

Amplio leveraged its renewable energy experience gained in the Italian market to expand its operations and establish a presence in Taiwan in 2018, where we now have a local office and team. We are operating 20 MW in Taiwan and have an additional 200 MW of solar energy in development. From our Taiwan base we are establishing a larger footprint across South East Asia, including Vietnam, where we now have active prospects for 300 MW of solar energy developments including floating solar plants.

In 2019 Amplio Energy’s parent company, ReGen Future Capital, established a new international headquarters in London and funded Amplio Energy’s expansion into Denmark, where we now have a local office and team. Currently the Denmark operation has 700 MW in development of which 200 MW are going to be photovoltaic greenhouses. We are planning to start construction of this portfolio in Q1 of 2020.


Our developments in Brazil

Amplio Energy has signed a joint venture agreement with a local Brazilian renewable energy partner. This partnership has produced a pipeline of 6 GW of which 3 GW have already received permits and the remaining 3 GW are currently in development, to be permitted during 2020. As the Brazillian government’s stated policy strongly supports renewable energy, we are expecting significant further growth from this market. 

Solar energy alone will represent 32% of the overall power generation capacity by 2040 and this is further supported by a thriving energy trading market with attractive pricing levels. Our target for Brazil is to develop, build and operate up to 10 GW of renewable energy assets and we see this market as a great opportunity for further expansion into Mexico and Argentina.


Our mission

Amplio Energy is an international developer delivering a fully integrated model and aims to become a globally present Independent Power Producer (IPP). Under Regen Future Capital’s renewable energy brand umbrella, Amplio Energy will become a global utility, funding all regeneration investment programs of Regen Future Capital. 

11% of emissions.

Eleven percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans are caused by deforestation – comparable to the emissions from all of the cars and trucks on the planet.





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