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Rethink, Reconnect, Restore

ReGen Future Capital develops regenerative investment programmes that roll out low-carbon technologies and share profits between investors and projects, to restore and protect natural resources at scale.

RETHINK investment.

RECONNECT people and planet.

RESTORE ecosystems and natural capital.

Who we are

Our multidimensional ESG model reconnects humanity with nature. We respect and value the vital natural capital of forests, soil and oceans, and are committed to delivering a triple bottom line for people, planet and profit.

What we do

We develop regenerative investment programmes,​ delivering significant low-carbon developments which deliver financial returns to investors, reduce emissions, and generate capital to fund long-term projects to restore natural ecosystems at scale.​

Our purpose

We are rethinking business models, reconnecting investors with the natural world, and restoring critical ecosystems. Our long-term, sustainable programmes enable investors to address the climate emergency, restore natural resources and make a positive financial return.

Global Sectors

Renewable Energy

We are leading the global development of wind and solar energy to reach in excess of 10 GW globally between South America, Europe and Asia.

Soil Regeneration

Through the use of pioneering scientific systems, we are regenerating soil to improve farming and our ability to feed a growing world population.

Plastic Solutions

By developing cutting edge technological systems, we can both remove excess single-use plastic from the ocean and use it as a source of clean fuel.

Carbon Credits

Through regenerative investment loops, we will develop and bring to market innovative Carbon Credit programs. This structural redevelopment will redefine the relationship between environmental development and investment.

Introducing ReGen Future Capital

The Courage to Change

We face a global crisis because humanity has become disconnected from nature. We are destroying our planet and its natural resources, because our linear economies keep taking without giving back. It doesn’t have to be this way.


Of coral reefs remaining


Of all plastic has not been recycled since 1950’s


Of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles since 1970 are extinct!

Rethink, Reconnect, Restore.

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